How to Maintain Knitted Blankets?

How to Maintain Knitted Blankets?


When resting at home, knitted blankets are commonly used to cover and keep warm. So here is a specific introduction to the maintenance of knitted blankets.

If the maintenance of knitted blankets can get better results, then its use time can be very long. The following will tell you how to maintain knitted blankets from two aspects: cleaning and storage of knitted blankets.

Cleaning of knitted blankets

1. Basic dust removal method

For many wool big knit blankets, it is not recommended to wash them. When the knitted blanket is contaminated with dust, if it is not stubborn oil stains, but debris or dust, after a slight shake, find a good weather day, hang it in a cool and ventilated area for a long time, and then shake it gently. You will find that the dust is much less.

2. Concentrated spray cleaning

If the above method does not work, you can also spray cleaning with a small watering can. Knitted blankets are usually hydrophobic, and the outer area of the fiber will repel water, especially wool containing lanolin, which has a certain self-cleaning effect.

If it is contaminated with oily stubborn stains, you can try to spray lightly with 1:3 vinegar and water, and wipe it with a soft cloth to effectively remove the oily stains. Of course, the premise is to ensure that the knitted blanket does not fade.

3. Clean with a small amount of soap

If it is dirty or even moldy, it must be cleaned at this time! When cleaning, make sure that the soap is mild in nature. Organic soap can be slightly alkaline but not excessive.

Don't rub it when cleaning, just squeeze out the water repeatedly after soaking, or rinse, to ensure that the fiber will not be damaged.

4. Do not wring dry

After cleaning, do not wring it dry. The weight of the chunky knit blanket in the water will be 1/3 heavier. If it is easily twisted, it is prone to irreversible deformation.

It is best to gently squeeze off the water after washing, roll up with a dry towel to absorb the water, and repeat until no water drops leak out.

5. Air dry

Finally, we can dry the knitted blanket with clothes drying net and place it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

Storage of knitted blankets

1. The large knit blanket placed in the shade for a long time may become moldy, so it can be taken out to dry when the sun is strong, which can prevent mold and sterilize.

2. The yellowing of knitted blankets may also occur. This is because they were stored without drying. This is incorrect. If this happens, you have to wash it again.

3. Hand-knit blankets cannot be stacked with sharp and rough items. This will make the knitted blankets deteriorate, and the effect will be greatly discounted when they are used in the autumn and winter of the coming year.

4. Knitted blankets should be washed and dried before storage. Several mothballs wrapped in the paper can be placed in the middle of the folded knitted blankets, wrapped in plastic and sealed, and stored in a dry cupboard.

5. If the wool on the surface of the knitted blanket falls down due to packaging or long-term folding, please unfold and shake, and the product will restore its original elasticity so that its softness will not be damaged.

6. In daily use, you should often put the knitted blanket in the sun and pat lightly to remove the sweat, dust, and dander sticking to the blanket, and carefully comb the fluff to keep the blanket The face is clean, fluffy, and soft.

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