How to Knit a Knitted Blanket?(3)

How to Knit a Knitted Blanket?(3)


Knitted blankets are not only good in keeping warm, but also very resistant to abrasion. We can knit one by ourselves. This article will specifically introduce the specific method of knitting a knitted blanket.

the specific method of knitting a knitted blanket

Knitting a knitted blanket is very practical. Whether it is used as a household item or you want to go out to keep warm in cold weather, knitted blankets are undoubtedly the best choice. The following is the specific method of knitting a knitted blanket.

Cast on the first 20 stitches

Wrap the length of yarn around your thumb and hold it in place to make a simple slip knot. Slide the loop over your left-hand needle, then remove your thumb and grab the 2 loose ends. Pull them taut to tighten the knot, then repeat this stitch 20 times.

(1)If you’re making a baby knitted blanket, try using muted colors that go with the color of their nursery.

(2)You’ll need size 10 US (4 UK) knitting needles for striped blankets, you can alternate your yarn color to make them interesting to look at.

(3) bulky yarn and size 7 US (7 UK) knitting needles for lightweight yarn.

(4)The amount of yarn you’ll need depends on the size of your project, but it’s best to start with 650 to 1,500 yd (1,950 to 4,500 ft).

Use a knit stitch to stitch the width of your stripe

Now you can decide how wide you’d like your stripes to be—most are between 3 and 5 inches (7.6 and 12.7 cm) thick. Grab your right knitting needle and bring it up to the last loop you made. Wrap the working yarn around your right-hand needle, then draw it back just slightly to slide it through the last loop on your left-hand needle.

(1)When you reach the end of one row, move your empty needle to the side of the row with the working yarn and start again.

(2)You can stop once you’ve completed a single stripe, but don’t cast off yet!

Wrap your new yarn color around your empty needle to switch colors

Take the end of your empty needle and bring it up to the last stitch you made like you’re going to do a knit stitch. Instead of wrapping the last yarn color around your needle, grab your new color and wrap it once around the needle. Continue knitting on top of the previous row with your new yarn color to switch to a new stripe.

(1)This is an easy way to switch between colors and avoid dealing with seam stitches.

(2)You can leave the excess yarn from your last color sticking out in a tail. When your knitted blanket is done, just cut it off.

Keep using a basic knit stitch to complete the rest of your blanket

You can add as many new colors and stripes as you’d like to until you finish up. If you’re making a baby knitted blanket, you’ll probably want it to be about 2 or 3 feet (0.61 or 0.91 m) long; for an afghan or a throw, you might want it to be around 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) long.

The length and pattern of your blanket are totally up to you, so get creative with it!

Cast off the end of your stitches

Take your empty needle and slide it under the last loop you made. Do 2 knit stitches, then use your left-hand needle to slide the first loop up and over the back of the right-hand needle. Keep going until you’ve removed all of the yarn from your left-hand needle.

Weave the yarn tail into the edge of the blanket

Pull the tail end of the yarn through the last loop sticking out of your blanket, then thread it through a size D crochet hook. Use your crochet hook to weave the tail into the first 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 cm) on the edge of your blanket, then use scissors to snip the end off when you’re done.

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