Common Types and Uses of Knitted Hats

Common Types and Uses of Knitted Hats


A knitted hat is a kind of hat that is generally used in cold weather and suitable for people of all ages. This article will specifically introduce the common types and uses of knitted hats.

the common types and uses of knitted hats

Knitted hats are very popular as a warming device for traveling in cold weather. On the one hand, the reason is because of its better thermal performance, and on the other hand, it can also be used as a trendy item for fashion matching. The following are the common types and uses of knitted hats.

Types of knitted hats

1. Dome knitted hat

The style of the dome knitted hat is relatively simple. It mainly makes a fuss about the knitting method of the hat. Some decorations are also used on the outside of the hat to make the hat simple and elegant.

2.Ball knit hat

There is a small ball of wool on the top of the ball knit hat. This wool ball can show the wearer's special cuteness. This hat is suitable for girls. Among them, the Korean version of the snow cap is more popular.

3. Knitted hat with the brim

A knitted hat with a brim means that there is an extra brim on the front of the knitted hat. The design of this knitted hat shows the wearer's very fashionable personality. This kind of hat can keep warm while blocking the sun.

4. Knitted hat with ear protection

The ear protection knitted hat has a classic ear protection design on both sides, which is fashionable and warm, especially suitable for cold winter travel.

The specific purpose of knitted hats

1. Outstanding warmth retention effect   

The material of the winter hat is woolen yarn, woolen cloth, or the hood of the down jacket. The texture will be thicker and the warmth will be better. 

2. Protection function   

Although the knitted hat is not as protective as some safety helmets, the soft knitted fabric can still play a certain buffering effect on some small bumps, especially for some babies who like to live and jump, knit baby hats can effectively reduce the damage to the head when falling.

3. Conducive to health   

After all, the blood vessels of the elderly are not as unobstructed as the younger ones, and even a little hardened. If they are cold, they will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction. In the light, they will feel dizzy and headaches. Therefore, wearing a knitted hat with a good warmth effect is beneficial to the blood circulation of the head of the elderly, and it is helpful to long-term health.   

4. Fashion collocation   

Hats are clothing accessories, so fashion matching is naturally essential. Compared with other types of hats, knitted hats have fewer customized styles, but different embroidery and printing patterns can also achieve a very exquisite matching effect. 

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