How to Match a Knitted Scarf?

How to Match a Knitted Scarf?


A knitted scarf not only protects against the cold but also modifies the neck, making the overall outfit more effective. This article will specifically introduce the method of matching knitted scarves.

the method of matching knitted scarves

When using a knitted scarf, everyone should choose according to personal temperament, skin color, fat and thin, figure, shoulder width, clothing, etc., so as to achieve the effect of making good use of the strengths and avoiding weaknesses. The following provides you with some reference content for matching knitted scarves according to their own characteristics.

1. According to the fashion style, when wearing more serious clothing, it is advisable to wear a knitted scarf with a traditional pattern. When wearing fashionable clothes, use a scarf with a modern pattern. However, a person with a quiet temperament should choose an elegant small pattern scarf. People with lively characters are more suitable for large-patterned scarves.

2. People with fair complexion are more suitable for scarves with light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow, and other colors. Carefully choose scarves with strong tones. If the skin tone is not white, you should choose a scarf of Brazilian yellow, dark beige, dark iron-gray, and use light tones with caution. Women with a yellow complexion should avoid purple and yellow and choose creamy white, lake blue, and medium green scarves to make their faces look white against the scarf.

3.If you have a moderate figure and a slender neck, you should wear colorful knitted scarves, such as pink, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red, etc. In the pattern, you can choose large flowers, large grids, scattered dots, or a combination of abstract color blocks. Surrounded by such a scarf, people look more energetic, wise, and capable.

4.For young women with a slender figure, you can choose orange, lemon yellow, and fruit green with tension, which play an eye-catching role in the crowd. For women with a slightly plump body and a short neck, a soft-toned, small floral-shaped scarf would be suitable when wearing a collarless sweater. 

For those with a slender figure and a flat chest, choose some large floral scarves with a slightly soft texture and rich patterns. It is better to hang the chest symmetrically to make the chest look plump and reflect the beauty of the lines.

5. If the female face is fatter, you can choose a scarf with pinstripes or a small flower, and avoid large flowers and large grids. The color can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, purple, etc. If you have a large bust, you should choose a dark or monochrome loose-knit scarf or silk scarf with a simple peach-shaped design. People who are small and thin should wear a simple, elegant scarf with a straight pattern.

6. For people with wide shoulders, it is advisable to choose a knitted scarf with a straight pattern. For people with slippery shoulders, a long-length scarf is better. When using it, you should pay attention to the two ends of the scarf hanging on the shoulders and hanging behind you, visually making the shoulders look well-proportioned.

If matched with a suitable knitted scarf, it will definitely be the icing on the cake in terms of dressing fashion. You can still choose according to your own characteristics and aesthetic preferences. If you want to know more about knitted scarves after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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