How to Take Care of Your Knitted Blankets?

How to Take Care of Your Knitted Blankets?


After frequent use, the knitted blanket needs regular care and maintenance to extend its service life. This article will specifically introduce the methods of caring for knitted blankets.

 the methods of caring for knitted blankets

If the knitted blanket is not properly cared for, it may cause a large amount of dirt and bacteria to accumulate during use. The following methods can help us better clean and maintain knitted blankets, and extend their service life.

Hairball removal

Over time, small balls or small fluff balls may appear on the surface of knitted blankets—especially in areas with frequent daily wear and tear. Pilling is mainly due to the short fiber length in the fiber breaking away from the twist in the yarn. To remove them, just brush them off gently with a sweater stone or sweater brush.


Steam is a great way to refresh knitwear in seasonal washing. The temperature and moisture of the steam relax your knitted blanket fabric and smooth out wrinkles and creases when folded.

You can lay the knitted blanket flat in a damp bathroom, buy a small garment steamer for quick results, or use a steam iron.

If the latter is the case, lay your knitted blanket flat on an ironing board or other heat-resistant surface and keep the iron about an inch above it when the steam is surging (do not let the iron come into contact with the fabric). When the fabric is warm and damp, smooth it with your hands and reshape it to your liking. Use more steam as you see fit, and then air dry.

You can also put a damp cloth on the knitted fabric and gently press the iron on it. Repeat the lifting and pressing on any area of the garment that needs to be smoothed.


Unless your knitted blankets become particularly dirty after use, you can usually wait until the warmer months to wash them. It is very important to wash knitted blankets before storing them, as this will ensure that there is no residual dirt, cosmetics, or perfumes in them.

Hand washing is the best way to clean knitted blankets because it is much gentler than washing with a machine.

First, fill a clean sink or basin with water. For the water temperature and soaking time, please follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the yarn used. When soaking, immerse the knitted blanket in the water and gently squeeze out the bubbles. You can add a small amount of detergent to the soaking water. Do not use harsh cleaning agents, which will damage the fabric structure of the knitted blanket itself.

Once your knitted blanket is soaked, take it out of the water, making sure to support its weight evenly, and gently squeeze it (don’t wring it out) to remove excess water. Finally, put the damp knitted blanket in the sun to air dry.

Fold and store

Once your knitted blanket is completely dry, you can fold it up and store it.

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When the knitted blankets are all folded neatly, you can hide them in drawers or shelves. You can also put natural insect repellent into the knitted blanket. You can also put lavender sachets in knitted blankets to make them smell good.

In addition to knitted blankets, other knitted clothing can also take the above methods for care and maintenance. If you still have doubts about the maintenance of knitted blankets after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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