Tips for Cleaning Handmade Blankets

Tips for Cleaning Handmade Blankets


If handmade blankets are not properly cleaned, their yarn structure will be destroyed. Today, let’s talk about the cleaning techniques of handmade blankets

tips for washing handmade blankets, which refresh your cherished handmade blankets

Handmade blankets are very practical and comfortable whether you use them yourself or give other people as gifts. Use the following helpful tips for washing handmade blankets, which refresh your cherished handmade blankets.

Consider the yarn type

If you want to know how to wash a handmade knitted blanket, please consider the yarn type first. There are four main types of yarn as follows.

Protein yarn

Protein fiber yarns are yarns made from animal hair, such as wool, alpaca or cashmere. Avoid machine washing or drying these yarns, because machine washing will cause felting, and drying will definitely cause shrinkage. It is best to choose hand-washing and air-drying.

Plant yarn

Plant fiber yarns are yarns derived from plant materials (such as cotton or linen). These can usually be machine washed and tumble dried safely (check the yarn label first).

Synthetic yarn

Synthetic fiber yarn is made of man-made materials such as polyester or acrylic. These fibers usually Don't shrink and can be safely washed and dried.

Blended yarn

Many yarns are made from fiber blends to achieve the desired characteristics of softness, warmth, and durability. Since the mix of fibers may vary, it is best to refer to the label before washing hand-knit blankets made of synthetic yarn.

Cleaning steps

Machine wash

If your handmade blanket is suitable for machine washing, it is best to choose a mild washing program. Put the hand-knit blanket to be washed in a mesh laundry bag to avoid excessive stretching. For best results, please use cold water and mild detergent to wash the hand-knit blankets separately, avoid washing them with other items. After the cycle is completed, immediately take out the cleaned handmade blanket.

Hand wash

When hand-washing handmade knitted blankets, please choose a detergent made specifically for your handmade blanket fibers. For example, detergents made with additives such as lanolin can help clean and protect protein fibers such as wool.

Pour cold water into a sink or other basin, add an appropriate amount of detergent according to the washing size, immerse the knitted blanket in the water and stir gently by hand. Rinse with cold water to make sure all bubbles are removed. Don't wring out the water in the knitted blanket directly, as this will cause the handmade blanket to deform.


Please always let the knitted handmade blanket air dry. Place your knitted blanket on a large dry bath towel, roll it up, and gently squeeze out any excess water-remember not to wring out or twist it and reshape it.

Don't hang a needle-knit blanket because it will be stretched and deformed. Large items like blankets can be placed loosely on the drying rack. Although some yarns can be tumble-dried, we recommend careful handling.

The correct cleaning of the handmade blanket will not destroy the yarn structure of the blanket, thereby prolonging its service life. If you still have doubts about the cleaning of handmade blankets after reading the above content, you can get more relevant knowledge by contacting us. At the same time, our handmade knitted blankets are soft and warm to the touch, which can provide you with a comfortable home environment.

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