How to Choose a Suitable Baby Knitted Hat?

How to Choose a Suitable Baby Knitted Hat?


Choosing the right baby knitted hat can keep the baby's head warm and will not affect the baby's head development. This article will specifically introduce the method of choosing a suitable baby knitted hat.

an introduction to the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a baby knitted hat

The baby's head is rich in blood vessels. About 30% of the body's heat is emitted from the head, so the head becomes a window for the cold to invade the baby. If the head is cold, the baby's body heat will be released faster, it is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, in winter, you must keep your baby's head warm. It is recommended that if you take your baby out in cold weather, you need wear a knitted hat for your baby. The following is an introduction to the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a baby knitted hat.

1. Choose different hats according to different ages

When parents choose a hat, the first thing to consider is the age of the baby to wear, because the head circumference of babies of different ages is definitely different. Choose the size of the hat according to the age, so that the baby will be warm and comfortable when wearing it. 

2. The thickness of the hat is proportional to the temperature

As the season changes, the temperature in winter will continue to drop. When choosing a baby's hat, parents should pay attention to the hat being appropriately thickened as the temperature drops to ensure its thermal insulation effect.

3. The size of the hat is suitable for the head circumference

When choosing a hat, parents should enlarge the circumference of the baby's head and tail by 1-2 cm, or increase the diameter of the head by 0.3 cm, because if you choose a hat that is too tight, it will affect the development of baby's head.

4. Don't choose hats with brims or burrs

Some hats on the market are fashionable and beautiful, but they are not practical and can harm the baby. For example, a hat with a brim can affect your baby's vision, and a hat with a brim can stimulate your baby's delicate skin. If the hat sheds hair, it will be sucked into the baby's respiratory system and cause disease.

5. Don't choose a hard texture hat

The choice of hats for your baby should be cotton hats that are light, soft, warm, and breathable. Do not choose hard texture hats or heavy hats. This will not only make the baby uncomfortable to wear, but also affect the baby's brain nervous development

When choosing knitted hats for babies, the above factors should be considered comprehensively to prevent the selection of inappropriate knitted hats from harming the baby. After reading the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution if you want to learn more about baby knitted hats. The knitted baby hat is made of high-quality knitted wool, which is soft, skin-friendly, and elastic, this can keep the baby's head warm.

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