What Are the Maintenance Tips for Knitted Blankets?

What Are the Maintenance Tips for Knitted Blankets?


Only by carefully caring for the knitted blanket, its service life can be extended as much as possible. Let's learn the maintenance skills of knitted blankets together.

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Knitted blankets have very good air permeability, and also provide the human body with an ideal constant temperature during sleep, which is conducive to improving people's sleep quality. In addition to keeping warm, knitted blankets also have a very beautiful decorative effect. They are very popular household items. In order to extend the service life of knitted blankets as much as possible, we need to take the following maintenance measures.

1. Knitted blankets that have been placed in the shade for a long time will become moldy, so they can be taken out to dry when the sun is strong, which can prevent mold and sterilize.

2. Knitted blankets often turn yellow. This is because knitted blankets cannot be exposed to the sun usually or use incorrect washing methods, so we should pay attention to the care of knitted blankets. If this happens, you have to wash it again.

3. Knitted blankets should not be stacked with sharp and rough items. This will cause the fabric of the knitted blankets to wear out, and the effect will be greatly discounted when they are used in the autumn and winter of the coming year.

4. The knitted blanket should be washed and dried before storage. Several mothballs wrapped in the paper can be placed in the middle of the folded knitted blanket, then wrapped in plastic and sealed, and stored in a dry cupboard.

5. If the wool on the surface of the product falls down due to packaging or long-term folding, please unfold and shake, and the product will restore its original elasticity so that its softness will not be damaged.

6. In daily use, the knitted blanket should be often placed in the sun, and lightly tapped, so that the sweat, dust, and dander sticking to the knitted blanket are removed. And carefully comb the fluff, so as to keep the carpet surface clean, fluffy, and soft.

7. If the knitted blanket is slightly contaminated, please use a clean towel to dip a 1% concentration of special cleaning agent to gently wipe the contaminated area, and use the same method to clean it with water, and then dry it in time.

8. Do not expose knitted blankets to high temperatures (such as boiling water, electric blankets, direct sunlight, etc.) and forced detergents. If the wool on the surface of the product falls due to packaging or long-term folding, please unfold and shake, and the product will restore its original elasticity. Will not damage its softness.

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