What Are the Precautions for Using Knitted Gloves?

What Are the Precautions for Using Knitted Gloves?


In order to keep the hands warm, it is necessary to choose a pair of high-quality knitted gloves in winter. This article will share some precautions for using knitted gloves.

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In the cold season, keeping hands warm is very important for patients with coronary heart disease. Even if the clothes are worn warmly, but the hands are stimulated by the cold, it can still cause vasoconstriction and slow heartbeat through the action of the vagus nerve.

For this reason, patients with coronary heart disease should wear knitted gloves when going out or riding a bicycle in cold weather. Do not let the cold wind blow directly on hands, and do a good job of keeping warm. The followings are some precautions for using knitted gloves.

(1) When buying knitted gloves, the size of large and small should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will not be able to keep warm, and will make it inconvenient to move the fingers. If it is too small, the blood circulation in the hands will be blocked and it will cause discomfort.

(2) Knitted gloves should be used by yourself, don't casually wear other people's gloves, because this is prone to cross-infection of viruses and bacteria. For example, scabies can be transmitted through gloves.

(3) Patients with hyperhidrosis should choose high-quality knitted gloves. This will not only keep warm but also have good sweat absorption, and pay attention to frequent washing and changing.

(4) For people suffering from chapped hands and feet, the chapped in winter becomes worse. It is best to wear double-layer gloves. The inner gloves should be made of thin fabrics, which is convenient for frequent washing.

(5) The blood circulation function of the elderly is poor, and the hands and feet are afraid of cold. Wearing gloves can keep warm. You should choose light and soft knitted materials. The knitted gloves provided by THE HOME PALACE are made of soft materials, which can also keep warm about.

(6) The skin of children's hands is thin and tender. It is better to use soft cotton wool and wool as the material of knitted gloves. This can prevent some harder materials from hurting the child's skin.

(7) Wear knitted gloves when riding a bicycle in winter. It is not advisable to choose too thick materials. Because the material is too thick, it is inconvenient to move the fingers, which is not conducive to riding safety.

In the cold winter, the hands are susceptible to cold weather due to frequent activities. In order to ensure the warmth and care of the hands, it is necessary to choose a pair of high-quality knitted gloves. The knitted gloves designed and manufactured by THE HOME PALACE not only use high-quality materials but also exquisite pattern designs, which can be used as warmth and fashion items. If you are interested in this, you can search for related products on our website and contact us directly.

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